12 November, 2017

My starch paper

My starch paper in English is now available.

Shibutani, A. 2017. What did Jomon people consume for starchy food? A review of the current studies on archaeological starch grains in Japan. Japanese Journal of Archaeology 5(1): 3-25.

PDF is here.

13 October, 2017

Symposium about Field Cultivation

This is the forthcoming symposium in Date city, Hokkaido. I'm presenting our current starch results about the Kamuitapukopushita site in Date.

Symposium "Exploring Field Cultivation of Ainu Vol. 4"
Date: November 25 (Sat), 2017
Venue: Date City Institute of Funkawan Culture

04 October, 2017

Video recordings about EAJRS2017 in Oslo

The following link shows the video recordings of the sessions at EAJRS in Oslo, 2017. You can see the whole of session programmes throgh YouTube channel.